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An extraordinary app, is an extension of your business. Or it is your business.

Does Your Business
Have An App?

Your brand image is critical for your success. Without a mobile app, your business may appear outdated or removed from modern trends. Apple's App Store receives tens of millions of hits daily. If your app is optimised for the App Store, not only can you attract downloads, but also attract traffic to your website, or your business.

We Can Build Apps That Work


Applications, that will work on all iOS devices whether it is and iPhone or an iPad

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Web Traffic

Apps will help drive more users to your website and business.

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You Have an App Idea Great! Whats next?

All apps start off with just an idea. We here at Rank Kings, manifest those ideas into reality! We don't just release your app to the App Store, we want YOUR app to succeed and take over the App Store, whether its an app for your business or an app that is your business. We want to see it generate a lot of downloads, and in return a lot of revenue. Contact us now, for a consultation and a quote for $0.00. Yes, we will give you consultation and a quote for completely FREE.

App Strategy & Prototype

An important first step in app development is strategising. We offer free one-on-one strategy workshops, which are designed to fine-tune your idea, before the development begins. This helps you with any unanswered questions you may have, and helps us well.
We will help you with your business goals, analyse the target market, and much more. After this process, we will analyse the idea with our team and then create designs for your approval. Once this is done, we start developing the prototype.

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